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About the Oklahoma Arthritis Center

Founded in 2000 by Craig W. Carson, M.D., the Oklahoma Arthritis Center specializes in providing an integrated health care model for the most comprehensive treatment available for patients with arthritis and autoimmune diseases and conditions.

Oklahoma Arthritis Center stresses the importance of quality patient care. We hire knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate providers and staff. We are constantly learning about the diseases we treat and utilizing the most current treatments available for these diseases. We use innovative technology to benefit our patients through electronic medical records and a patient portal. We have succeeded in providing a place where you can receive all of the accredited services necessary to treat arthritis and autoimmune conditions under one roof. These services include an open MRI, x-ray, ultrasound, bone density, infusion center, research, and a full-service lab. We pride ourselves as the best place available to be treated for arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

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