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 The Oklahoma Arthritis Center is an integrated health organization that provides a comprehensive patient experience through a number of specialties and services. We strive to give our patients convenient access to treatment and healthcare services.

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Pediatric Rheumatology

We offer rheumatologic care for those under 18, allowing your chil to access care locally.

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Our Neurologists are able to treat a variety of neurologic disease and symptoms. 

Grabbing Pills

Our Edmond location offers both Specialty and Retail Pharmacies.

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Primary Care

Our family wellness providers are here to help you manage your care.

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Our team of infusion nurses are dedicated to providing a comfortable experience.

X-Ray Results

The Edmond and Tulsa locations both house DEXA for bone density screening. Edmond also has an MRI, X-Ray and Eye exams for medication management.

Science Lab

All of the OAC sites currently offer laboratory testing. Patients do not need to go to other facilities for these tests.

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